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Silver Lake Preserve: Why You Need To Check It Out

February 16, 2021


Silver Lake Preserve is a 236-acre park near Silver Lake’s South-end in Westchester County, New York. The preserve offers fishing, picnic tables, game hunting, boat rides, and cross country skiing. The preserve has over a 150 feet bluff overlooking the Silver lake and a lot of magnificent sights to behold.

Silver Lake Preserve For Lovers Of Forestry And Wildlife

The Silver lake preserve contains a lot of habitats. From pine ridges to a black spruce tamarack bog, to a northern white cedar swamp and a hemlock north hardwood forest, there is a lot to see. The preserve also has a lot of vegetation, which provides habitat for the mammals and other animals on the preserve.

Silver Lake Preserve For Lovers Of Hunting

If you love to hunt, then you should visit Silver Lake preserve. The preserve occasionally gets tourists and locals coming around to hunt, and there is a lodge for overnight lodging; you have to go along with breakfast and dinner. Here are the hunting seasons:

Quail hunting season starts in April. The quail hunting area is large, and after its season, it is cleared up so that other hunters can hunt and enjoy exclusivity. Typically, it is just two people that are allowed to hunt at a go, but if a more extensive group wants to hunt, they have to book ahead of time.

Alligator hunting season opens towards the end of February. It also features spot and stalk hunting. The preserve prides itself on only hunting trophy Gators, and most of the Gators are harvested over 10 feet. The fee paid for the gator hunting covers one overnight lodging and a meal.

You can also hunt for wild hogs because the preserve has it in abundance. There is a special offer of $900 for two people to hunt feral hogs. The offer covers afternoon hunt, overnight lodging, morning hunt, and meals in between.

Silver Lake Preserve For Kids

If you have children, a trip to Silver Lake Preserve might be fun. You can stop at Lark Cake Shop to get an icebox cake or any other type of cake. Kids love sugar, and what better way to give them a treat than a trip to an exclusive cake shop.

Check out East Hill Creamery. It is a gift shop located 0.1 miles from Silver Lake. You can stop by with your kids to pick a souvenir, something that will always make you all remember the trip to the preserve. The gifts are pocket friendly, and your kids will love them.

Silver Lake Preserve For Food Lovers

If you love going on food tours, Silver Lake will give you a lot to see. Here are some places to go to for food and drinks.

For Italian food, visit Lago Ristorante and Wine Bar or Graziella’s Italian Bristol.

For Seafood, visit Aquario Restaurant.

For Comfort Food, visit Copper House

For Asian Food, visit P.F. Chang’s.

For Steak, visit BLK Steak or Morton’s Steakhouse.

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