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Pros and Cons of Painting Exterior Bricks

February 20, 2021


Painting the exterior bricks of your house is not a bad idea, especially if your house is a conventional and old brown or yellow brick house. Painting the bricks on your house is a great way to make your house look new without making any major structural renovations. But, before painting, make sure that you are ready to put in some maintenance and finances.

Factors To Consider Before Painting Your Brick House

Painted Bricks Is Permanent

Once you paint your bricks, you cannot go back to their original color. Even if you want to, the price of getting the paint off is costly. But you can change the colors anytime you want to so you are not stuck with one color.

Humidity Can Make Paint Fall Off

This applies to every home exterior, but moisture can make paint chip off on brick, especially the ones close to the ground. Simply repainting every 7-10 years will solve this. Periodically painting will keep your bricks looking fresh and new.

You Will Need To Clean Your House Exterior More Often

It is easier to clean painted bricks than the original brick exterior, but dirt is more visible on painted bricks. So, you have to get professional power washing to maintain it occasionally. The cost of the service is usually not expensive.

Pros Of Painting Bricks Exterior

Painted brick is easy to maintain. Brick is naturally absorbent, so dirt and debris can easily get clogged in and hard to clear. Painted brick provides a smooth surface that makes it easier to clean and maintain. Maintenance is easy.

It also protects from various weather conditions. Paint acts as a sealant to protect your walls from multiple weather conditions. Since brick is naturally porous, it is easy for different weather conditions to affect the exterior of your house and also deteriorate the condition of your house. When you paint your brick exterior, it protects your house and your exterior walls.

Painting your brick house promotes its appeal. Colors make everything attractive. Painting your house’s exterior makes it more appealing and beautiful to behold. It adds beauty to your house, mostly if it is appropriately painted.

Cons Of Painting Your Bricks Exterior

The most stressful part about painting your brick house is maintenance. Since dirt sticks faster to painted brick and the paint easily chips off, you need to coat it often and spend money on power washing. As brick gets older, it begins to fade, and this fading does not happen uniformly. So if you paint your house, there is no going back.

Painted brick also traps moisture. With time, the trapped moisture will begin to affect the structure of the house. Especially during cold weather, the trapped moisture will start to freeze, erode, and expand the mortar.

Painting brick can make damages go unnoticed. When you paint bricks, if there is a leak in the wall or cracks or the wall is crumbling, it may take time to find out because painted brick hides many issues. So, before you paint your brick house, make sure you check for leaks and other building problems.

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