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Painting Company in White Plains

Hire a painting contractor in White Plains NY to liven up your property.

We’re a house painting company based at the heart of White Plains NY. We’ve worked with all types of clients, from busy business executives to trusting homeowners, and we’ve helped give new life to their properties. We can make your building look new again, too.

Fully licensed, our team of professional painters have years of experience under their belt; they’ve painted so many properties in White Plains and its surrounding areas. With our expertise, we’re able to bring your dream painting to reality. You only need to give us the details, and our experts will make it happen.

Armed with high-quality painting equipment, we have the tools to make your painting last – we aim for your house to not only look appealing now, but also for the years to come.

Trust us to give your home or business the rejuvenation it needs. Book an appointment with our friendly team of house painters today.

interior painting contractors

Get the Home of your Dreams today!

Call our skilled interior and exterior painting company and ask about all the options available for your home.

So, What Do We Offer?

We offer all kinds of services, from residential painting, wallpaper removal, to garage repainting. The type of project, size of room, and effort required doesn’t matter; we have enough personnel to implement your dream painting. Also, we’re constantly expanding our catalogue, so you can expect even more comprehensive house painter services in the future.

residential painting company

Residential Painting

We specialize in rejuvenating White Plains NY houses through color. There’s always a paint that matches your preferences and personality. Thankfully, we have enough resources and painters to make you feel more at home by personalizing your living space. Some of the services we offer homeowners include interior and exterior residential painting. Our interior services cover ceilings, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. Our exterior services include sheds, trim, playhouses and other rooms.

commercial painters White Plains

Commercial Painting

Our commercial painting services will brighten up your business space. We’ll help you attract more clients, give your employees a more professional atmosphere, and give new life to your business. Industrial properties, hotels, and even condominiums all require some repainting once in a while. We’ll ensure your business isn’t facing any disruptions leading to loss of profit. You can consult with us, so we can come up with a schedule that fits us both.

bathroom cabinet painting in White Plains NY

Cabinet Painting

Sometimes your kitchen doesn’t need a full makeover to get its allure back. Makeovers can cost you so much money, and they may take too much time, too. A few affordable fixes can make your kitchen space look appealing and inviting. Cabinets often make up a huge part of your kitchen. So, if you want a facelift in your cooking area, then repainting your cabinets should be the first step — we can help with that

wallpaper removal company

Wallpaper Removal

Wallpapers are generally ignored by homeowners until they’re completely worn out. Don’t let a a washed up wallpaper ruin your entire home’s look. Hire us to discard any wallpapers that no longer serve you. We have the right equipment to have them removed, without leaving ruins. The precision required to remove an old wallpaper usually makes the process very challenging. That’s why hiring a company like ours to do it for you is your best option.

paint color consultation

Color Consultations

You know that your building needs some fresh painting but you don’t know a suitable color. Knowing the trends in the market, our paint color consultants will help you make that decision. You will first get in touch with our friendly experts then give them an idea of what you’d like. If you don’t know what your personal style is, don’t worry. We’ll give you some helpful suggestions so you can discover a fitting color for your home.

garage painting White Plains

Garage Painting

Your garage can also look just appealing, if not better, than your home. There’s no reason for having an eye-catching house painting, but an unpolished and disorganized garage. We’ll give your parking room a fresh color update, transforming not only its walls, but also its floor. We’ll make your garage go from looking beat up, to being one of the most inviting rooms in your entire home.


What our clients say about us!

My kitchen was crying out for a fresh coat of paint. I hired these painting contractors to re-paint my cabinets. They are so friendly and professional, I ended up hiring them again to remove my wallpaper. They did just as I requested and they made sure I was satisfied with the end product before they left.

Marleny Perez

White Plains, New York

I wasn’t at first sure about going ahead with my painting project. I called this painter to get an estimate. Their contractors are so helpful. Walking me through their process, they answered all my questions and even offered a few suggestions on how I can improve my home’s look.

Rick Grader

Greenburgh, New York

Would totally recommend them to any White Plain NY residents. They produced high-quality work, and I couldn’t be prouder of my new-look living room. They responded quickly when I contacted them, and they completed the job promptly — I didn’t even have to supervise them.

Coral Sanderson

White Plains, New York

We’ll help you fall back in love with your property.

Call our skilled painting and interiors contractors and ask about all the options available for your home today!

White Plains, NY

Why Painting Can Increase Your Home Value?

interior attic painting

A new paint of coat can rejuvenate your property and make it look new again. It brings new life to aging homes and businesses. Instead of paying for an entire makeover of your building, you can hire a contractor to improve the curb appeal of your home. This approach saves you thousands of dollars that you’d have spent doing an entire makeover.

With a new, fresh appearance, your home may attract a heftier price if you were looking to sell it. It’s value increases significantly, looking in much better shape. Home buyers are often influenced by first appearance. If the first ting they see is a freshly painted fence in good condition, they might already be convinced on their future investment.

Also, ever known that paint can increase your home’s interior and exterior lifespan? By adding a fresh layer of paint, you can make your doors and built-ins last longer and save money that would’ve gone to repairs. It gives them some resistance to wear and tear, and they’re able to fight the ruinous effects of excess moisture. Just as effectively, new paint preserves walls and protects them from adverse weather conditions like too much snow, ice, or sunlight.

Painting Services Tailored to Your Needs

We are a proud, locally-owned White Plains painting company dedicated to our clients.

As seasoned painting contractors, we know that every customer is different. Years working with clients with varying demands have shown us that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to interior painting services. We’ll treat you differently than the next customer, not because you’re paying, but because you deserve painting services tailored to your needs.

In fact, meeting clients’ expectations is our bread and butter. Leaving no stone unturned, we’ll implement all your requirements, even the difficult ones, so you can live or work in a building you’re proud of.


We carry out our duties with the competence you’d expect from a painting company that’s been in business for years. From the first time you give us a call, to the minute we leave your home, we’ll ensure you get value for your money.


You don’t have to break the bank to get a decent paint job. Our prices are affordable to most people, considering the services and the quality we offer. Even at our relatively inexpensive prices, we never leave a half-baked painting job; we give our best to every property.


There’s nothing as frustrating as getting a paint job that just never ends. Having to delay business operations because some painters are taking too much time, is something we wouldn’t wish on anyone. So, we always try to be as timely as possible — we’re not ones to miss a deadline.

High-Quality Paint

We only use non-toxic, high-quality types of paint. The types that allows your home to still have a fresh look even months after our painting job. Their non-toxic characteristics prevent you from getting dizzy and light-headed. You can get back to your home, without getting the nauseating side effects that come with cheap paint.

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