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Interior Painting Ideas

February 13, 2021


A good interior painting can transform any space into something extraordinary. Painting adds beauty to any room. But, you have to see it beyond just streaking colors on the walls. Some factors must be considered to get the right colors. For example, if you have kids, you have to use darker colors because they may unconsciously touch the walls and put stains on them. You also have to consider the color of your furniture.

But, below are some interior painting ideas for different parts of your house.


Kitchens are filled with many fittings, from cabinet tops to counters, to shelves; the list may be endless. It is a popular trend to paint your kitchen with neutral colors but, it is possible to add some colors to brighten it. Even the smallest dash of color will accentuate your kitchen.

Cabinets take a lot of the visual space in your kitchen. So when you want to paint your kitchen, let the colors of the cabinet guide you. If your cabinets are painted in dark colors, then you should paint your walls in light shades. You don’t necessarily have to use white; you can use light shades of other colors. The aim is to do something unconventional.


If you want a sanctuary-like bathroom or something to make your guests wowed, there is an inspiration for you. Your bathroom does not need to be brightly colored. Just make sure you are putting the lighting in your bathroom into consideration because colors are reflected according to the light shining on them.

You can use sophisticated colors like off-white or matte. If you are something colorful, you can opt for soft pink as an alternative to off-white. Green is also a good option because it has calming effects on the eyes but don’t use an intense shade of green. If your bathroom space is small, use bright colors because they tend to pop more in smaller areas.

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The bedroom is your personal space. So you should paint it in any way that makes you feel free. But, there are inspirations for you to pick what suits you best. When you step into your bedroom, you should feel safe. So, opt for colors that best express your kind of person.

Warm and soft colors give you a cozy and intimate feeling. Deep shaded colors give you a bold and energetic mood. At the same time, cool shades of colors give you a calm and refreshing atmosphere.

Living Room

The living room is where every family member comes together most times, and it is also the first part of your house’s interior that guests see. So when you want to paint it, you have to put the colors of your furniture and decorations into consideration. You also have to think of what you want to achieve. Something casual, modern, or traditional?

Warm shades of neutral colors give a cozy and inviting look, while cool shades provide a modern look. If your living room gets flooded with sunlight, cool colors will get saturated and look cozier. If it is a north-facing living room, warm colors will do.

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